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Team Handbook


  • Shark families must be up-to-date members of the Fort Washington Pool Association
  • All Sharks and Guppies need to have registered and have paid all team fees in order to swim.
  • Sharks must be able to swim the length of the pool (25 meters) unassisted.
  • Sharks must be 18 or younger on June 1st
  • Sharks are required to wear the official team suit and cap at all swim meets
  • Sharks who breach the rules of good citizenship or sportsmanship can and will be removed from the team at the coach's or FWST Parent Board's discretion.
  • Shark Responsibilities - Being a Shark doesn’t mean ONLY having fun. Wearing a Shark suit comes with responsibilities.

    1. Understand and adhere to good sportsmanship guidelines at ALL times, but especially during meets, warm-ups, practices and pool events.
    2. Come to all practices and swim meets on time, rested and properly nourished, focused, enthusiastic and ready to work.
    3. At swim meets always be sure to represent yourself and the team favorably by paying attention to your coach's and the meet/pool official's directions, listening for your event staging calls and, most importantly, cheering for your fellow Sharks. It takes a team to win a swim meet.
    4. Wear your official Shark suit to all swim meets and be sure to have everything you need to race (goggles, cap, sweats, towel, sharpened teeth, etc.).
    5. At all times show respect and courtesy to your opponents, coach, officials and especially to your Shark-mates.
    6. Notify the coach before leaving a swim meet or practice; at a swim meet the relay events aren't lined up until close to the end of the event and you may be needed.
    7. If you cannot be at a swim meet, notify the coach as soon as possible, at least by Wednesday of that week.

    Shark Parents/Guardians - Being the parent/guardian of a Shark or Guppy isn't just fun either as it comes with a great many responsibilities, to be sure. However, we ask that you commit to the following responsibilities to ensure that we have the best team and experience as possible.

    1. Teach and reinforce good citizenship, sportsmanship and teamwork in your Sharks.
    2. It is very important that you discuss any medical, learning, developmental, or emotional needs your child has with the coach prior to the first practice. Examples are: asthma, hearing loss, and behavioral or psychological disorders.
    3. Be sure your Shark or Guppy arrives at all practices and swim meets punctually with the needed equipment, in an enthusiastic frame of mind, and dressed appropriately for the weather. Additionally, pick up your swimmer promptly after practice and swim meets.
    4. We are relying on you to be role models to all of our Sharks and Guppies and ask that you exemplify good sportsmanship at all times, remembering to emphasize effort, development and teamwork in ALL swimmers, not just our beloved Sharks.
    5. Be respectful of our coaches by letting them coach while you are being a positive and supportive parent/guardian for our team.
    6. Foster a congenial and family-oriented experience by introducing yourself to the coaches, other parents/guardians and the Sharks and Guppies.
    7. Be sure to respectfully raise any issues or concerns you may have to the coach before discussing them elsewhere, so that a mutually acceptable resolution to the problem can be reached, which happens in most cases.
    8. The Prince-Mont Swim League schedule is very compact and a Shark out of the water is no use to the team and, more importantly, will not benefit from the competitive experience. Please, as much as is possible, try to commit to having your Shark at every meet; if your swimmer will not be able to make a swim meet, be sure you notify the coach as soon as possible, at least before Wednesday of that week.


    Everyone has the responsibility of being a gracious host or guest by thanking ALL swimmers, coaches and swim meet officials and by cleaning up after themselves before leaving the facility.

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