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Hughes/Henderson Parent Award

The Fort Washington Swim Team bestows the Hughes/Henderson Award to the most dedicated and hard-working Shark parent/guardian of the year. We are very grateful for having the best and most supportive parents we could possibly have, and we honor them all. We couldn't do it without each and every parent. To all of them, thank you!

Those honored with the Hughes/Henderson Award are:

2019:  Stephanie & Larry Shinn

2018:  Connie Freeman & May Robinson

2017: Andy & Liz Clark

2016: Tamara Miller & Peter Masciola

2015: Luke Rose & Amiee Gable

2014: Katherine Neal

2013: Lisa & Michael Leath

2012: Ric & Stacey Tompkins

2011: Jack Dennis

2010: Georgia Diamantopoulos

2009: Karin & Brian King

2008: Bonnie Szymanski

2007: Rudy and Birgitt Brevard

2006: Fred & Mary Downs

2005: Marty Stewart

2004: Tim and Terry Leighton

1996: Alan & Pam Ritter

1992: Mr. & Mrs. Hughes and Mr. & Mrs. Henderson

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