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Tick Tock
Leader: Tick Tock
Team: Beat the clock
Leader: Breast, back, free
Team: One, two and three
Leader: Butterfly?
Team: Just watch us fly
Leader: Sharks
Team: Beat their marks
Team: Gooooooo Sharks!

Bye Bye
Leader: Up on the roof
Team: 200 proof
Leader: We swim our lengths
Team: These are our strengths
Leader: When we swim back
Team: We lead the pack
Leader: When we swim breast
Team: We lead the rest
Leader: When we swim free
Team: It's a victory
Leader: And when we swim fly
Team: We wave. BYE BYE!

Shark Sign
Leader: Who are they?
Team: (Opponents name)!
Leader: Should we give 'em the sign?
Team: YEAH!
Leader: Should we give 'em the sign?
Team: OH YEAH!
Leader: Really?!? The Shark sign?
Leader: Sharks are number One! (leader holds up POINTER finger)
Team: Number One! ... One! One! One! (team holds up POINTER finger)

Shark Bait
Shark bait whoo ha ha (loud)
Shark bait whoo ha ha (louder)
Shark bait whoo ha ha (louder!)
Shark bait whoo ha ha (louder!!)

Shark Attack 
Hey (opponent's name)
We are Fort Washington
Upon our backs you may see fins
We love to WIN! WIN! WIN!
Sharks cut teeth every night
We love to BITE! BITE! BITE!
You came all this way and we think its neat
Don't be sad when you're BEAT! BEAT! BEAT!
We're glad you're here and hope you'll be back
For another Shark Attack Ack! Ack! Ack!

Hey You Over There 

Hey you over there, now you’re gonna hear
Fort Washington do their Shark cheer
We’re number one and we know it’s true
But if you don’t believe us, then we’ll show you
We dive in the water and swim real fast
‘Cuz we love to swim, so let’s have a blast
We’re glad you’re here, so let’s have some fun
Fort Washington Sharks are number ONE

Let's Win It Again
Let me hear ya say YEAH, YEAH
Let me hear ya say OH YEAH, OH YEAH
We're number one, OH YEAH
Fort Washington, OH YEAH
We're number two, OH YEAH
From Timbuktu, OH YEAH
We're number three, OH YEAH
As you can see, OH YEAH
We're number four, OH YEAH
'Cause we can score, OH YEAH
We're number five, OH YEAH
Don't take no jive, OH YEAH
We're number six, OH YEAH
We got the chicks, OH YEAH
We're number seven, OH YEAH
We're going to heaven, OH YEAH
We're number eight, OH YEAH
'Cause we're so great, OH YEAH
We're number nine, OH YEAH
'Cause we're so fine, OH YEAH
We're number ten, OH YEAH
Let's win it again, OH YEAH

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