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A Shark Named Mark

     We have had many very talented swimmers on our team over the years, but the most famous Shark who has come from the Piscataway Bay is Mark Henderson, son of Marty and Mary Anne Henderson and older brother of Paul Henderson. Incidentally, Paul is a FW pool record holder and former Shark coach. Not only does Mark still hold many Fort Washington Pool and Prince-Mont Swim League records he went on to compete at every level of swimming during his career, including being a member of the United States National Swim Team from 1989 to 1997 representing the United States over 15 times in international competition, winning gold medals at the 1993 and 1995 Pan American Games, and winning gold at the 1994 World Championships. The culmination of Mark's remarkable swimming career was winning a gold medal and setting a world record (03:34.8) in the 4x100 Men's Medley Relay at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, with his team mates Jeff Rouse, Jeremy Linn, and Gary Hall, Jr. It has been said that his butterfly split time, at the 1996 Olympics 400 Medley Relay, is one of the very best in swimming history.
In 2008, Mark was honored by being selected to carry the Olympic torch as it moved around the world en route to Beijing China for the 2008 Olympic Games. He continues to be active in and out of the pool, chairing the U.S. Olympic Committee's Athletes' Advisory Council, doing as much as he can to support the sport of swimming as well as participating in inspiring charity work. He is now very busy raising Shark pups of his own, with the help of an expert Shark wrangler, Tamara.

     As for the lessons that he learned at home and swimming at our pool, he hasn't forgotten them and continues to be a caring, modest and hard-working person. When asked where he keeps his Olympic gold medal, he replied, "I keep my medal in my sock drawer. I still love doing clinics and keeping the kids excited about swimming, so I like having it handy. It seems to get the kids' imaginations flowing when I pass it around. I just let them know that when they become famous, they are going to owe me an autograph.... Oh, why do I keep my medal in my sock drawer? Who would look there?"
     Sharks, which of you will owe Mark an autograph?

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